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Panda Commissions Open for Emerald City Comic Con

Hello, hoomans. Panda will return to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, March 2-5. Panda will be at Table M-15 in Artist Alley on 2nd floor of new Convention Center.

Like a bag of potato chips, Panda commission slots are open. Prices for panda drawings cost $55 for 5×7 and $110 for 8×10. If hoomans want to get panda drawing, send message to panda with “COMMISSIONS” in subject line with the commission idea to get on list.

Read Panda Haiku Books For Free

Hello, hoomans. Since panda working on third and final haiku book, hoomans can read haiku books for free.

Hoomans can read book on bus. Hoomans can read book for little hoomans. Hoomans can read book on the poopy. If hoomans want real book, hoomans can buy book from panda shop. Buying real book will also make hooman more handsome and smarter. Click on book overs below to read books and get handsomer and smarterer.

Monsters and Dames 2023

Went on hike with Randy and hooman Penny went hiking on hill to catch sunset, but something weird about hill.

In other news, panda will be at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle on March 2-5. Panda will also allow hooman Nolen to appear to receive food and gifts of adulation for panda. Don’t worry, none of it will go to hooman, he don’t deserve it.

Hoomans can watch timelapse to show how hard hooman panda worked to make this.

Also, below are the other trips panda took with Penny and Randy.

Monsters and Dames 2020

“Why is Panda Fat?” coming soon

Hello, hoomans. Panda working on new haiku book called “Why is Panda Fat?” Panda think title is very fillosofical and thought-probing. Hoomans will be smarter after reading book.

Book will be ready later this year and will be final haiku book. Panda will work hard to make sure hooman Nolen gets book done. Hooman complain about lack of sleep and food, but panda knows they help motivate hooman.

Hoomans can check out rest of panda’s books in panda shop. They are good books, trust panda.

Conveyor Belt Sushi Panda

Panda like conveyor belt sushi, but panda think it needs one improvement.

Panda shirt now available on TeePublic and more RedBubble. Hoomans should get one, and afterwards, get panda a chirashi bowl.

Eatery Concept Art

Grabbing bite with hooman Penny. Concept art for an upcoming story. Close ups and WIPs below.

Dim Sum Panda Shirts

Dim sum one of panda’s favorite food. What better than eating dim sum? Nothing. Nothing is better than eating. But next best thing is wearing dim sum on shirt. Panda now has dim sum shirts available on TeePublic.

Hoomans can show off how much they love dim sum in five different designs. They are also size and color options as well as kid hooman sizes. Dim sum shirts look so tasty they look like real thing, but don’t eat t-shirt. Wait, nevermind, hoomans can eat shirts and give their dim sum to panda. Thanks.


Ramen Panda

New Pandamation collection coming to GameStop’s NFT Marketplace, summer 2022.