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Why is Panda Fat Updates

Panda is busy working on new book, “Why is Panda Fat?” Hoomans can see new haikus below.

Book takes long time to make, and panda so tired. Why panda doing this to self? But hooman Nolen say other hoomans like panda’s haikus. He says it makes them laugh too. Panda not understand why hoomans laugh at panda’s wise sayings, but if it makes panda money then ok. But if panda want to make money, there must be easier way. Maybe panda try starting lemonade stand… but panda will drink all of lemonade. Maybe panda get house and rent it to hoomans like cheap hotel… but panda has to clean it. Too much work. Maybe panda tell AI robots to make art and write for panda… but that means accelerating hoomanity towards a dystopic future where they are subject to mechanized overlords.

Maybe it won’t be so bad for pandas.

UPDATE: “Why is Panda Fat?” now available for preorder! Hoomans can order hardcover copy with custom signature, available until August 29. Be ready hoomans.

One stick can be snapped But many are hard to break Just use a big axe
To remove a weed Look for root and dig it out And hope it's not deep
Learning how to fish Better than getting a fish Get me good teacher
Life is like donut Soft and sweet with hole inside Wait, now I'm hungry
Watch the busy ants Though small, they are hard workers Go work somewhere else!

Panda also have new YouTube channel for hoomans to watch panda behind scenes. Hoomans can click on panda below to watch panda draw, make art, and wear cool hats.