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All art made by very talented and handsome panda for pandas and not by hooman, Nolen Lee. He only good for making food and washing dishes.

The Panda is Fat and Other Panda Haikus

First book written by panda. A collection of humorous haikus written by very talented and handsome panda and not by hooman Nolen Lee. Definitely not. Nope.

Panda is Still Fat and Other Panda Haikus

The sequel to hit book, The Panda is Fat. This is also written by panda and features friends of panda. Except Steve. Steve not panda friend.

Hugo’s Perfect Picnic

Hugo is on the quest to find the perfect picnic spot. But will he find it? Featuring colorful characters and rhyming verses, this book will be sure to delight young and old audiences.

The Panda is Fat

Watch and listen to the Panda is Fat haikus now with contemplative music and an eloquent narrator, available on YouTube.


A collection of animated NFTs on the GameStop NFT Marketplace.