Pen Panda

Hello, hooman. You are very smart hooman for getting panda commission. Hoomans who reach this page should know what commission is, but just in case, panda will explain. A commission is original drawing made by panda and not by another hooman. Panda have samples of ink commissions below…

Hoomans should read rules below or else panda will ignore hooman.

Subject Matter


  • Porn, sexual activity, lewd content, explicit nudity or gore, no icky things.
  • Copying other artist’s style or hyper-realism. Panda have no time for shenanigans.


  • Pandas


 Commission requests will be first-come, first-serve basis. Prices are subject to change depending if panda feel like it.


  • 8×10, starting at $120 USD: BW ink
  • 5×7, starting at $50 USD: BW ink


Panda will send hooman payment information. Once panda get payment, panda will start commission. Panda have right to reject commission because panda say so.

Submission Guidelines

To request commission, send a message to panda at Please include:


  • Hooman’s first and last name
  • Commission size and description


Panda thank you for commission. In meantime, panda will nap.

(Updated 3/18/2020)