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Inktober, Day 13

A sore sight for eyes. Periscope Panda, for Day 13.

Super Mario Panda

Continuing the video game trend from last night. Original art and print available at my shop.


From last night’s Periscope Pandacast! Original art and print available at my shop.

Egg Tart Panda

Egg tart panda sketch from this morning’s Periscope Pandacast. The original sketch and print are available on the shop. I’m still adjusting my schedule for the Periscope broadcasts, probably limiting them to Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with some spontaneous broadcasts when I have the spare time. Man, now I’m hungry for egg tarts again…

Periscope Pandas

I found out about this new app called Periscope that lets you use your phone to broadcast video from anywhere. I’ve been using it to broadcast some of my morning sketches, and it has been a cool way for me to interact with my audience. Download it and check me out at my Twitter handle, @punchingpandas, to catch a little behind-the-scenes action!

The balloon panda above was the first drawing I finished in my last Pandacast. I also managed to finish an Ant-Panda riding Antony. Look forward to catching you at the next Pandacast!