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“Why is Panda Fat?” coming soon

Hello, hoomans. Panda working on new haiku book called “Why is Panda Fat?” Panda think title is very fillosofical and thought-probing. Hoomans will be smarter after reading book.

Book will be ready later this year and will be final haiku book. Panda will work hard to make sure hooman Nolen gets book done. Hooman complain about lack of sleep and food, but panda knows they help motivate hooman.

Hoomans can check out rest of panda’s books in panda shop. They are good books, trust panda.

Panda is Still Fat Cover Art

Panda making progress on new book, here is the cover art. Panda not that heavy, everyone else is very light. Maybe they need to eat more like panda, but it not like panda eat a lot. Panda eat a healthy amount. Not too much.

Store update and Black Friday coupon!

Hey guys! I have a few important announcements…

I am adding a coupon code for this week’s purchases. Enter “BFPANDAS2015” to receive a 25% off all your purchases. The coupon will be set to expire on Cyber Monday on November 30.

I also just added my first sketch book, “Punching Pandas, Vol.1” to my shop. To my surprise, it was a big hit at CTNx this last weekend, but I still have some copies available in time for the holiday season. Check out the shop and grab a copy!

Punching Pandas, Vol.01

Also, a few notes about shipping dates for packages arriving by December 24. For domestic packages shipped within the US, please order by December 8. For international purchases, please make your order by December 1. All orders must be made by 12pm PST on 11/30.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Happy shopping!