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Conveyor Belt Sushi Panda

Panda like conveyor belt sushi, but panda think it needs one improvement.

Panda shirt now available on TeePublic and more RedBubble. Hoomans should get one, and afterwards, get panda a chirashi bowl.

Eatery Concept Art

Grabbing bite with hooman Penny. Concept art for an upcoming story. Close ups and WIPs below.

Dim Sum Panda Shirts

Dim sum one of panda’s favorite food. What better than eating dim sum? Nothing. Nothing is better than eating. But next best thing is wearing dim sum on shirt. Panda now has dim sum shirts available on TeePublic.

Hoomans can show off how much they love dim sum in five different designs. They are also size and color options as well as kid hooman sizes. Dim sum shirts look so tasty they look like real thing, but don’t eat t-shirt. Wait, nevermind, hoomans can eat shirts and give their dim sum to panda. Thanks.


Ramen Panda

New Pandamation collection coming to GameStop’s NFT Marketplace, summer 2022.

Flexing Panda

Panda in shape… a round shape.