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Sketch Dailies

Why I Love Art Challenges

Recently I had someone ask me how I got back into art after taking a break from drawing for six years while studying engineering. I told him in general terms to develop a habit of drawing a lot and that over time his skills would improve. But just drawing for it’s own sake can be boring after a while, so I also add that it would help to set some mini-goals for motivation. That’s where art challenges come in.

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War Pandas

Hey everyone, I’ll have a print of this ready for Rose City Comic Con this weekend (9/19-20). I’m also still taking pre-commissions for this weekend, sign up here.

Just a couple more days! Looking forward to seeing you all in Portland!

Las Vegas sketches

Here are a couple sketches I made during my weekend trip to Las Vegas, or more like during my flight back home from Vegas. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my sketchbook with me when I visited Red Rocks Canyon. Next time, next time…

Meet the Artist!

Apparently #MeetTheArtist is trending right now. Let’s join in on the fun, shall we?

Inktober: Week 1

Here’s the process video for my first Inktober Sketch.