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Year of Pig

Happy Year of Pig, hoomans. Pig share a lot of common bonds with panda. Like eating, and snacking, and food, and eating, and snacking…

Thoughts from ECCC and Fan Expo Van

Hey everyone, sorry it’s taken me a while to post this, but I finally recovered from the adrenaline drain from the last two comic cons. I’ve gotten back in rhythm, so it’s business as usual.

So where do I begin with ECCC and Fan Expo? First of all, I loved it.  I loved the energy of both events. I loved the people I met. I loved seeing the crazy cosplayers. I loved the all the activity happening around the table. Overall, I enjoyed every minute of my first con experience, and I’m hooked! Now let’s get into the details.Read More »Thoughts from ECCC and Fan Expo Van

Piggy Panda comission

I recently finished a commission for a client who wanted to include a pig as a companion for one of my pandas.  The three ink drawings revolved around their interests and quirks, namely the wife’s profession as a pediatrician, and the husband’s interest in Reddit.  The last drawing relates to a Hawaii vacation which the client and his wife are probably on right now.  Anyways, hope that’s enough to explain the drawings, but enjoy them anyways.

The rough concepts that I presented to the client.

The rough concepts that I presented to the client.