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Baby Us

Panda commissions

Panda has been working on commissions because upcoming conventions were canceled because of some icky thing. If hoomans want to get an original panda, visit the commission page and sign up. Panda say thanks in advance for being such smart hoomans for getting commissions.

Baby Us

Recently, I completed a series of pieces in anticipation for… let’s just say a “new arrival.”

I expanded on my original “Baby Me” piece a couple of years ago after receiving some suggestions for a girl version. Each of the boy pieces takes a little inspiration from my childhood while the girl pieces reflects a little about my wife. I re-painted the Toilet Boy and updated it with more design elements which I ended up carrying over to other drawings.

I’ve also added these pieces to my shop as prints and have added them to my Redbubble page under a new collection. I’ve also added them all as prints on my shop. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these as much as I had drawing them.