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Panda’s legal name is Pak P. Panda, but he go by Panda most of the time, it’s only for paperwork.
Petunia Panda is foodie, crafter, and party planner who wants everyone to have fun. Or else.
Baby Jr. is very curious panda and gets in trouble looking for next biggest thrill.
Randy is Panda’s best friend and is enthusiastic overachiever. He dreams of going to moon.
Topher is good friend of Panda and always like to party hard. Sometimes a little too hard.
Chimu has a successful modeling career as world’s cutest cat, but is only in it for the money.
Nop has heart of gold and always wants to help, but he always ends up making bigger mess.
Summer is talented painter but never has time to paint because everyone interrupts her.
Buxton is very handy friend. One day he wants to build dam around ocean.
Evil Steve is not really Panda’s friend. Panda not sure why he hangs around.